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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Blogs name is not called Harleyblues,lol

My Blogs name is not called Harleyblues, lol

Hello people just to clear a few things up for bloggers that donot know the name of my blog, Its title IS named "Sir Paul McCartney& The Beatles guest band Purplemelon" For some reaosn some have called it harleyblues, no that is me, I am harleyblues. Now if someone is going to write about me blog lets get the title correct at least,ok? Great! now that I have cleared that confusion up I had to delete my Jack handey widget it was slowing down the loading of the blog, funny quotes tho I will miss it.
Did anyone run out and buy Paul McCartney's new dvd The McCartney years yet?
There is a link on the side bar to the McCartney years webby below. I still cannot access the McCartney main site for me cannot be found even in Goggle search, yes I have checked my settings hopefully my matey will help me sort this out soon~
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