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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fav Beatles tunes for Bloggers! prt1

Fav Beatles tunes for Bloggers! prt 1

Well fellow blogger GoSmelltheflowers decided to feature me on their Blog as a
Great Beatle blog at Harleyblues, um close lol. They asked bloggers what their fav Beatle tune is?
So I decided to give bloggers some Beatles Love & post what their all time Favorite tune with their name and link~ Do you have a Favorite Beatles tune? leave a comment here!

I wanna hold your hand from the album Meet the Beatles
The Beatles "I wanna hold your hand" is the biggest selling single for the Beatles world wide
for BioBob & Robin J their fav Beatle tune I wanna hold your hand~

Eleanor Rigby from Revolver 1966- Eleanor Rigby was an actual living person as her gravestone can be see in Woolton, Liverpool. Did Paul actually write this song about her? there are many stories. for the lookout & KIM their fav Beatle tune Eleanor Rigby~

Twist & Shout- from the album Please Please me in the (UK) & Introducing the Beatles in the (US) not written by the Beatles but Phil Melody/Bert Russell originaly covered by the Topnotes & the Isley Brothers, The Beatles followed with their won cover in 63/64
for Crkian his Fav Beatles tune Twist & Shout~

Happines is a warm gun-from the White album 68
some claim John Lennon got his idea for the title of the song from a charles Shultz book Happiness is a warm Puppy, however accourding to Lennon it was George Martin who had shown Lennon the cover of a gun mag~Lets ask Paul McCartney!
for Cooper her fav Beatle tune Happiness is a warm gun

fav beatle tune From me to you

from the album of the same name #1 on the UK charts 63

Helter Skelter from the White Album for Jim Helter Skelter 68

In British English, the term helter skelter not only has its meanings of "confused" or "confusedly but a spiral park slide. Paul McCartney has used this song as a response to critics who accuse him of only writing ballads
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