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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it rawked! part 4 the end

Paul McCartney Paris 04 it rawked! part 4 the end

Ahh wouldn't you know it I have seemed to have lost my final installment of Paris 04 sheeesh
I was close to the end when I posted part 3 of Paris 04 so I'll go from memory!

It was great standing in the crowd of 35,000 plus fans, especially when you are in front of the stage, the front row a very surreal experience. Those of you that know what it feels like to stand in front of your favorite artist it feels like your own personal concert, doesn't?
Here I am next to Heather McCartney when I hear a voice shouting at me:

"Harley, Harley! hi Harley smiling" than "pointed his guitar to me playin a lil riff!" Brian way truly rawkin it!! wooohoooo!

from the stage it was Brian Ray one of Paul's band mates saying hello to me from the stage rawken out! TRIP! I was tryin to yell back to Brian to throw me a couple guitar picks so I may have one. hehehehe

Man that was so cool the girls from the rocker band went wild and couldn't believe that Brian called out to me like that. Yes it was cool alright! "Thanx Bri" I than moved closer to the center of the crowd in front and Heather & co. who yelled out,
" show the camera your poster" so I held up me lil poster for them to film, Paul's lil film crew! I bumped into Paul's tour manager also who I had no idea at the time who he was. He musta thought I was mad crazy carryin on this way!

Brian came over once again and threw his picks into the pit in front of us! I called out to security to give me the picks. he gave me one. I believed he did not understand English, as we were shouting out to the security guy, Suddenly a large, built strong looking man came out from nowhere grabbed the pick outta his hand, turned around smiled at me, got my hand and placed the guitar pick in my hand.

This was Paul's personal body guard and head of security Mark Hamilton. Than was gone in a flash! ha! "Thanx Mark that was very sweet of you" The rest seems to be a bit of a blurr now, truly one of the most memorable moments of my life!
note: I lost one of the picks at the airport on my way back to the States trying to pay for something. I was dog tired, and also disappointed in myself for loosing one of my prized memories.
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