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Friday, November 30, 2007

"Police confirm hostage situation at Clinton campaign office in N.H."plus udates

An armed man took people hostage at a New Hampshire campaign office for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton on Friday, New Hampshire's WMUR-TV reported.

What an idiot, why would someone do this kinda thing?. What do they want with Senator Hillary Clinton?.
Suspect is demanding he speak with Hillary and has a bomb? double WTF!!!! This is on the news right now on MSNBC. I support Hillary.

The suspect let go two hostages a mother and daughter. Have you ever heard such a thing in a Presidential race? This is crazy!~
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Suspect has no bombs but road flares attached to his body. Well that's good news no one will be blow up.
Stand-off has ended after 5 hours man surrenders. Does this guy look harmful too you? One reporter "Tucker" on MSNBC said:

"This guy should have started a blog like the millions of other crazy people that do out there"

WTF? now bloggers are crazy? Tucker is dissin bloggers now? Stick to the news on hand Tuck. Lets flood MSNBC with emails "Tucker" give him a piece of our minds.ha!

This is for Tucker!

Creep by Radiohead
The Creep Award has been passed from Barry Bonds one creep onto another CREEP, Tucker Carlson of MSNBC- for his arrogant, flippant attitude towards bloggers enjoy!
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