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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Where did all the time go blogging mostly

Where did all the time go blogging mostly

That's what I'm asking myself this past week I have been off work, vacation, much needed really.
Here is how I have spent my time this past week. 68 hours blogging, surfing the net and reading other blogs. Yes, that is alot of time, you do it too. ha!
1/2 hr. food shoppin, who needs to eat? 1/2 hr. getting gas, this cost me $50 for just a lil over half a tank of gas, I live in the bay area.
1/2 hr. cleaning house, well maybe more but who's counting? lol 1 hour playing with my cat's. 4 hours watching movies.

I ask myself is this time well spent? Sure it is because I wasn't at work which I do love by the way. It has been a tiring vacation in one sense since I have been online most of my vacation. My next vacation is about 3 weeks from now and I wonder what I will be up to then?
Sometimes we just need to veg out and do nothing accept for hang out. Have you ever had such a lazy vacation?

This Video pretty much describes me this past week

Everynight-Paul McCartney & Wings Lovin it!
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