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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rare Christmas Beatle stuff!

Rare Christmas Beatle stuff
The Holidays are here time to pull out some rare Beatles Christmas stuff

It's officially the holiday season I thought I'd send some cheer to you and myself as well. Since I had a rather crappy Thanksgiving I'm trying to get myself out of that mood. I'm missing alot of people myself, like the family I wish I had. Yep I have issues with them to them. It's a long damn story so I won't waste your time posting it.
I just say to all of you let your loved ones know you love them. Appreciate your family tell em you love them! Tis the season to be jolly but I'm just not feeling it yet. I might tomorrow. lol

Christmas time is here again-Beatles

The Beatles had a fan club from 1963-1969 where they gave out special Christmas recordings to their fans in special Christmas messages they are wacky crazy! If you have never heard any of these silly Beatles messages it is a must listen for any Beatle fan sure to bring a smile to your heart and a fat ass laugh for the spirit~ Below is one of those very rare Christmas Beatles recordings! enjoy!

Beatles Christmas 17 minutes in length. I know it's long but this is one of few that I will be posting.
Have yourself a laugh with me~ note all Beatles Christmas disks were pressed onto a 7 inch flexi-disc sent to British fan members. American fans received a card board version just like the ones that cereal companies used to imprint on the back of cereal box's now who remembers that? lol
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