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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paul McCartney Raises £60,000 With Gibson Guitars

Paul McCartney Raises £60,000 With Gibson Guitars
Woohoo Right on Paul once again raising money for charity Those are some nice looking giant guitars there Paul, also a great piccie wouldn't you agree? congratulation's to the highest bidder!

photo courtesy paul

21.11.2007 from Paul's official webby

Paul McCartney Raises £60,000 With Gibson Guitars For The Gibson Guitartown London Charity Last night at a special charity auction event at the IndigO2 at The O2 a 10ft tall hand- painted Les Paul guitar replica signed by Paul McCartney became the main attraction of the night. After a competitive bidding war the guitar was eventually auctioned off for an amazing £60,000. Paul’s guitar was designed by visual artist Rosie Brooks.
story here

Now I would have saved all that money to see Macca in concert. thats is $120,000 in American dollirs people. If you are not able to read the rest of the story with the link provided please let me know? I'm having techinical difficulties still accessing the main site-errr

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