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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Showin some Love for WAR & the latin sound featured oldies for the weekend!

Showin some Love for WAR & the latin sound featured oldies for the weekend!

This past week I tooked some mixed Cd's from my Steve's cd case. The man can mix I kid you not listening to Malo, El Chicano, & Santana. I thought about WAR.
Steve where is the damn WAR music? I know he has it around here somewheres, ha! So I thought I'd show some Love and post me some WAR vids and other Latin sounds, oldies. It does take hours to find the right blend of what I want to post in the vid dept. so I'll be adding to this post thruout the day.

Hey some of your know what I'm takin about,crusin on the weekend's listening to cool slow grooves and oldies than the cops stoppin us from crusin. I'll stop right there you know what I'm talkin about!

La Raza- Kid Frost

One of War's creators was Eric Burdon of the Animals along with 7 others cats to many names to mention here. War's unique sound was composed from elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin music, R&B, there were no great WAR vids to post so I just posted the one

The world is a Ghetto- War music only no vid to match this track kicks!

The Delfonics outta Philly a 3 man trio, two of them brothers William & Wilbert Hart also Randy Cain, formed their lil group in high school in the early 60's. some of the most soulful, melodic voices I have ever heard.
It's funny how some might confuse the Delfonic's with Blue Magic The Stylistics & The Chi-lites for these Super soul groups has similar music styles. It's in the falsetto, You know it's true! a sample of some of the these Beautiful groups below

Hey Love-The Delfonics LOVE this song one of my all time favs!

For the Love-Delphonics I had to add just one more lil Delfonics tune, man grab your honey and hold on tight if this song does not get you than you have no soul! I kid you not~ lol

Sideshow-Blue Magic

Stop Look Listen to your heart Stylistics a short version, damn!

Chi-lites Have you seen her One of the best songs ever~

Man Im shutin this one down lol not a great day for postin vids but Iv'e come up with a few sheesh some days your on hit and others well,not so much
I'm talights Ive been spendin wayyy to much time on this post,hours.
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