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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dangerous Dog owners by Geoff Baker

Dangerous Dog owners by Geoff Baker

Geoff's candid thought's of being a dangerous dog owner.

Following the slaughter of a one-year-old child by a Rottweiler dog the British Government has announced that is has no plans to ban Rottweilers.

How about another ban, then, preventing stupid people from owning Rottweiler dogs?
A Rottweiler is an attack dog, that is the entire point of the bloody animal - like pit bull terriers and all the rest of that lot, they are not pets - they are weapons.
And anybody who concludes that an infant and an attack dog in the same domestic space is "fine" or "OK" or "alright" is a fucking idiot.

Years and years ago I helped to effect the banning of handguns in the UK, which I did because some people are just too thick to risk them being allowed a pistol.

The same argument applies to dangerous dogs -some people are not bright enough to be entrusted with a Rottweiler, Alsatian, Pit Bull or Doberman.
You know exactly who I'm talking about but you're just too PC to agree

harleyblues take:
Geoff I couldn't agree more, these type of agressive dogs should be used ONLY by Police & The Miltary to sniff out the bad guys, & sniff out drugs period. Put them to good use in what they are made for, to attack the enemy, everyones definition might differ tho?

People who own such dogs should get a stiff penalty, if their dog should attack another human being, like fat jail time. Look at Michael Vick, he used dogs as a sport for fighting I'm not sure what breeds, but they were abused. Do you think these dogs should come with a warnig?

Buyer beware, adoption of such dog could lead in the maming & death to other animals or people.
Do you think aggressive dogs should be banned from ownership?

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