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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Huckabee R. Paul is dead?

Huckabee R. Paul is Dead?

Anyone hear the lil snippet yesterday about Republican candidate Mike Huckabee stating Texas congressmen
Ron Paul is dead, if you play his message backwards"?
OK, you got me what message and what commercial? I'd like to hear the reference. What he-Huckabee thought he was hip making the inference to Paul McCartney?

Sure I thought of Paul McCartney immediately and the Beatles messages from 1966., The Paul is Dead legend. Can you say totally stupid and far reaching with The Paul/Huckabee Beatle reference ? Huckabee, who can take a name like this seriously? C'mon I get pictures of Huck Finn and Huckleberry jam.

Ron Paul, I swear I thought Ron Paul was a blogger or a Rupal impersonator of some sort, until a few months ago. I than found out he is a grass roots Rep.politician raising tons of money on the net.
Yeah, Ron send some money my way so me and my friends can see:
The Real Paul McCartney on his next tour. lol No disprespect, Ron Paul looks like a dang dinosaur talking big game. I respect his money making campaign efforts tho, I'll give him that. (wondering who's peepin at me blog since I mentioned Paul, Hillary & Bill Clinton in my last post?) ha!

So what was really meant by whom on The Paul is Dead reference? Still confused? I'm still puzzled? lol
Ahhh, It's all subliminal people hold onto your wallets! lol
update: Ok saw another snippet of this commercial via the news.
Huckabee states:
" If you noticed I was sending Morse code with my eyes to the Evangelicals-saying Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead."
what the F? he said this with a straight face, is that just freakin weird or what, and this guy wants to be President of The United States?
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