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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Iowa supports Hillary you go HILL! memories Bill, Macca,& Uncut mag!

Iowa supports Hillary you go HILL! memories Bill, Macca,& Uncut mag!

Well we won't mention politics but just a lil snippet.
. "Iowa is backing Senator Hillary Clinton". I like Hillary she is a gutsy women, no Guts no Glory you go Hillary, woohoo.

This brings me back to a memory Barnes & Noble, Paul McCartney & Pres Bill Clinton.
A few years back I was just dying to get a copy of Uncut magazine with Paul McCartney on the cover. Included in the Uncut mag a Cd of some of Paul's favorite songs.
I went to the Santa Clara store every few days to see if they had the issue. On this one particular day Id thought I'd call first.

Me: Hello do you have the Uncut mag of Paul McCartney on it's cover yet?

BN: Yes, it's finally here.
Me: Oh man great I'll be right over!
BN: Oh but I don't think you can get into the parking lot.
Me: well why not? puzzled
BN: it's blocked off by the Secret Service
Me: What?!!!
BN: Yes President Bill Clinton is here for a book signing
Me: Your kidding right? President Clinton is here, I didn't hear about that (man I haven't been watching the news)
BN: Yes people have been waiting in line for 2-3 days, I don't think they are accepting anyone else it's a wrist band lottery, they are turning people away.
Me: just like a concert lol man I wish I knew about this, I would Love to meet Bill Clinton I love Bill.
BN: Ohh I'm sorry you didn't hear about the book signing but we do have the Paul McCartney Uncut magazine for you!
Me: wow thanx! I'll be over tomorrow

I got off the phone and said to myself, wow, The President is here in Santa Clara, dang If I would have known I would have waited in line to meet President Clinton and get his autograph too funny.
Besides Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr I always dreamed of meeting Bill Clinton.

I envisioned walking up to the President's table, saying hello President Clinton, asking very nicely, will you inscribe this in my book? Mr. Clinton looking up with a smile "sure" sharing a laugh (with one of the Greatest Presidents ever!) lol what shall I write the President asks?

"Paul McCartney does Rawkk
and so do I"
President Bill Clinton!

I ended up buying 6 copies of the Uncut magazine, than I found out a friend had cut work and stood inline getting not one but two copies of Bill Clinton's autographed book~

Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney & President Bill clinton Hanging out somewhere.
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