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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Message from Paul McCartney via his webby

Message from Paul McCartney via his webby

"I'm very pleased with these Grammy nominations for my latest album
Memory Almost Full. I had a lot of fun making it with David Kahne and my band and am very pleased with how successful it has been, particularly because of the way we got it out to people in a new and interesting way.
I'm chuffed that people are enjoying the album and am really pleased that it's been recognised by all the voters.
"Paul has been nominated in the following categories:- Best Pop Vocal Album for Memory Almost Full-
Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for Only Mamma Knows- Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for Dance Tonight
The Beatles LOVE album was also nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album and Best Surround Sound Album.

harleyblues take:
yeah Paul us fans couldn't be more happier for you either, it's about time em damn Grammy's recognize you for the artist you are and music you make as I have said earlier this week. I just have to say Amy Winehouse's, is a hip chick but her "Rehab" sucks! whats so effin brilliant about that lil jingle? does that deserve a freakin Grammy?, no!

"They want me to go to rehab but I say No No No"!~ I see nothing Grammy worthy of these lyrics, do you Paul?
If she wins a Grammy for that, well than we all know the Grammy's are fixed. LOVE YOU PAUL!!~ woohooo and congratulations!
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