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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What was Macca smoking at The Led Zeppelin concert?

What was Macca smoking at The Led Zeppelin concert?

We know celebrities sometimes bend the rules - but if you're Paul McCartney you can get away with any thing.The Beatles legend was spotted with what seemed to be a, er, herbal roll-up, but discreet staff turned a blind eye as Macca, 65, earlier puffed away.
One over-zealous worker gushed: "Don't worry, you're a legend." Earlier that evening he'd decided he needed a swift drink - or two - and rocked up to the bar where he ordered two pints just 15 minutes before the opening number.

harleyblues take:
ahh c'mon this can't possible be true? This story came from the Mirror.UK. I just don't see Paul smoking a joint in public. Yes I can see Paul smoking pot at 25 not 65.
Perhaps Macca was smoking a clove ciggy if anything, after all they are natural right? clove ciggs I mean. Do you think Paul would actually be balls out like this and smoke a joint at a Zeppelin gig? NAHHH!
By the way how was the Gig Paul?

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