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Friday, December 28, 2007

Michael Jackson Used to be Bad!

Michael Jackson Used to be Bad!

TMZ reports Michael Jackson cuts Pauls McCartney out of his remake of "The girl is Mine"
also stating to Macca "your dead to me" WTF? I wasn't going to mention a thing on my blog, until, I kept reading it all over the net. I find it irratating to read such words from Michael,
if in fact he actually stated this this crap, as posted by TMZ

Jackson 5- Carol Burnett show Membering when Michael was, Superbad!
One of the Jackson 5's best songs.

Ok So Michael made a a remake of the
"Gargolye is Mine" cuttin Paul out of the song. BFD~ here is my response on TMZ 11.

"Hey Michael? BFD! So what if you cut Macca out of "THE GARGOLYE IS MINE"
Big deal, Remember when you stoled all the BEATLES rights, from right under Paul,
after he asked you not too? Sure you do.
Anyhow I like your music, but don't try and go dissin
Paul McCartney to get news for yourself, that's messed up"!~
Merry Christmas everyone
Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band Purplemelon
Posted at 11:01AM on Dec 24th 2007 by harleyblues

Jackson remix-

When Michael Jackson was still cool above, before he decided to deform him self with surgery. I think Michael still owes Paul an apology, from way back when.

If you haven't been here in awhile check out "older posts"~

update: Dec31
Does this make it better? Michael Jackson has not stripped Paul McCartney off his record
"The Girl is mine" for the 25th anniversary of Thriller, but has included the original track.

" Yes, has recorded new vocals for a remix of 'The Girl Is Mine' minus McCartney but the original version is still going to be on the anniversary album".
A very good read, see more here Undercover HD
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