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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Man the Middle East is in an effin mess!

Man the middle east is in an effin mess!

I hope I don't offend anyone on these lil thoughts of mine. What a mess the Middle East is in? What a freakin idiot who killed a former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, a women no doubt. What a beautiful women who loved her country. What a loss, as in all the losses of our countrymen and alias to date.

Man, I feel for her family the loss of a wife & mother. Evidently they were not taught that real men do not hurt women, but who can communicate with a mindset like that? No one!

I personally feel the United States is in way to deep as it is already, bring the troops home.

Yep, I don't get all this foreign policy crap and feel for the innocent civilians that live there in the Middle East. They must be worried for the futures of their countries, the ones in unrest.

I'm absolutely disgusted with this war. The United States has it's own issues to worry about like tax payers continuing to pour billions of dollars in Iraq! When is enough, enough? Please don't get me started what we could have done with the money for American's and this country.

I'm also tired of the United States trying to police the world. note: to the rest of the world, most American's are not idiots, consumed with greed and power.

Hopefully OUR next President of The United States, will make this country, it's first priority!
Semi-rant and disgust is now over.

Peace to the world
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