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Monday, December 24, 2007

You gotta DIGG this gurly & This video

You gotta DIGG this gurly & This video

I just got an email from Dosh Dosh that I subscribe too and she talks about viral marketing thru is a social media group that is mad crazy! for those of you that do not know what digg is there is. I can't even post a digg button right for my own blog lol

Apparently this girl Kina Grannis is in a contest called Crash The Super Bowl, a contest to determine which singer or band will get an Interscope recording contract and a chance to

air a 60 second music video during the Superbowl. WTF?! that is wicked awesome. She than wrote a song Cute Girls Sing Awesome Song About Digg’ and is it catchy, I like all em lyrics except for the Ron Paul bit. shiver errrr.No girly it's not Senator Ron Paul, but I'm sure you know that by now.

She than uploaded the song to and hit the front page, nice, with lots of DIGGS. The vid is now on YouTube with 36,744 hits. right on!

Kina Grannis- Gotta DIGG

C''mon people lets support this girl and make her dream come true, it's Christmas. Wouldn't be badass if she won? I'd like my dream to come true wouldn't you? lets make this story big and vote for her, get the word out. See the video above it's catchy. I see Kina on Jay Leno, I see it happenin. I see this video going viral.

Somebody give this girl a recording contract!
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side note: I posted a new book mark on top of each post that includes, DIGG, Stumble,Yahoo it took me almost two months to figure it out but I finally did it. I still cannot post an actual stumble button too my blog. lol
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