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Monday, December 24, 2007

Local Church in need from Foreclosure

Local Church in need from Foreclosure

Man this really bothers me and gets to my heart. No, you do not have to be religious, or a church goer to see the symbolism of this story. On my local news KNTV in San Jose's Scott B. from

Upper Room Church in Hayward

The "Tech Report"reports a local church The Upper Room Church in Hayward is in foreclosure asking viewers if they could help in someway.
I applaud Scott's efforts for spreading the word on this Churche's financial hardships. It does bother me tho, that a small Church is in trouble, with no help offered?

No, I'm not talking about us hard working people that barely afford the rent, but corporate giants like, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Oracle offering no help. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley people, we have "Big Money" here. Damn, Google and others make billions of dollars a year, can they not offer some money into the kitty for this lil neighborhood Church? These are our neighbors-Hayward's just a roll away across the bay.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not picken on Google as if I could, but I am always on their search engines researching stuff, can they not put all my clicks and everyone else's here in the Bay area to good use and help bail out this Church?

You know Google makes bank outta us, why not give back? Use this opportunity
"Corporate Giant's" to help the lil guy, a small church. You can write it off and everyone wins!
I'm telling you if I had the monies I'd call em up and offer my financial support.

Charity begins at home people and if you can help your neighborhood, well that's a blessing to you. I hope someone comes to their rescue, on this Christmas eve.
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