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Monday, January 28, 2008

Craigslist Was Used In A Murder-For-Hire

Craigslist Was Used In A Murder-For-Hire

Craigslist is probably one of the best channels for connecting people with others to accomplish various goals. However, one woman abused its power to find a murderer to kill her lovers wife.A Grand Rapids woman was arrested Thursday on charges related to a murder-for-hire she is accused of trying to carry out on Internet message board

A story from Sacramento-area television station KCRA says 49-year-old Ann Marie Linscott reached out through the Internet to find someone to kill a woman in Oroville, Calif. On two occasions, she offered $5,000 to "eradicate" an Oroville woman. It turns out Linscott was having an online affair with the woman's husband, investigators said.

Special agent Steve Dupre from the Federal Bureau of Investigation said the victim's husband said he first met Linscott face-to-face when he went to Reno, Nev., in July 2005 for a conference, and that Linscott also visited him in Butte County in May 2007.The two had sexual relations while they were in Reno, the FBI said.According to an FBI press release, Linscott posted a vague offer for work as

"Freelance," with no further information. When three individuals responded, Linscott asked each of them to "eradicate a female living in Oroville, Caliornia," and provided information such as age and employment address.

harleyblues take:
I just heard this story on the news and was like WTF? you can't be serious that someone would use the ineternet to hire someone to off someone else? What, this women believed she would not be busted? How effin stupid can you be, evidently, a big time brainiac here. This women just lost the rest of her life & family to be behind bars without her honey bunch. Ohhh, bet her hubby is pissed! I am still in awe over the stupidity of this women. Perhaps her online lover will give her weekly visits in the slammer......right.

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