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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok so Israel wants to apologize to The Beatles

OK so the The Israeli ambassador to London, Ron Prosor,wants to apologize to The Beatles.

OK, I was going to post about this yesterday but I was just so damn fascinated with the idiot Murder for hire plot on Craigslist.

The ambassador is hanging out in Liverpool at this moment wanting to pass out some letters to
John Lennon' s sister Julia Baird at The Beatles museum in Liverpool - Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr have also been cordially invited. Mr. Posner would like to present Ms Baird with an
"official letter" of apology from the State of Israel for banning the band’s members from performing in the country in 1965. Letters will also be sent to Paul, Ringo & George's family.

Did I forget to mention Prosor is also reported to be inviting Macca and Ringo to visit Israel this May as part of the country's 60th anniversary celebrations to mark its founding in May 1948. Huh? I'm a lil confused there. Don't do it Paul & Ringo!!

*snippet of the letter below:
“We would like to take this opportunity, to rectify a historic missed opportunity which unfortunately took place in 1965 when you were invited to Israel. Unfortunately, the State of Israel cancelled your performance in the country due to lack of budget and because several politicians in the Knesset had believed at the time that your performance might corrupt the minds of the Israeli youth".

Harleyblues take:
Ha, now what would John Lennon think of such a letter? Macca's just too nice, he's bound to accept isn't he? after all this guy is "Official" Paul, don't go over there it's too risky! Ringo, now I could see him making a joke outta the whole thing, "let bygones be bygones'.

I don't mean to sound like a lemon, but isn't it just a tad to late? C'mon John & George are no longer here sadly. Respectfully I'm just not feelin this apology letter thing, as a lover of the Fab Four. I donnot believe it was due to lack of funds either. Your Government was to uptight to
Let em in sorta speak, and didn't want to tarnish the imagine of the country, this is what I'm feelin.~
Now if the Government of the Philippines and Imelda Marcos apologized to The Beatles for throwing them out of their country in 1966, I'd say "hey now, heres a tea party!" lets rawk~yeah!

HA, finally as I type this is in the dark a fimilar voice looms in the distance, it's Paul McCartney & Wings Live & let die, playing softly in the back ground on the radio. hum...
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