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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Paul had an Angioplasty this past Fall?

Paul had an Angioplasty this past Autumn?

If you haven't seen reports on the net today, Paul McCartney had an Angioplasty this past Autumn, according to online papers. Don't be surprised if this is on Entertainment Tonight or Extra, or Access Hollywood this evening, here is a snippet from the Mail.

"Sir Paul had a coronary angioplasty - a procedure that helps unclog arteries - after seeing a Harley Street specialist at the London Clinic, according to reports.
The former Beatle recovered from the surgery quickly because he took regular exercise and had a trim physique, a friend said, adding:

"He has always been in exceptional health, which is remarkable when you think of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle he once had."

Sir Paul was well enough to perform a duet with Kylie Minogue in front of millions of viewers at New Year. The pair sang his hit Dance Tonight during Jools Holland's New Year special on BBC2.

Harleyblues take:
Well Paul, I like the name of the Street where you saw your specialist "Harley Street" lol
I hope you are doing well Paul, and please do not Russshh! into any tours until you are feeling your Macca best~Your health comes first. I bet people (fans) are worrying about you frantically at this point? I know you will be fine, have fun Paul, & enjoy some R&R you work too hard!~

I was just thinking, I hope this finally gives Geoff Baker & myself included, the incentive to quit smoking for good, Geoff is talking about smoking correction American Spirit's now for days having given up Marlboro. It's tough to quit smoking, ask the other Ga-jillion smokers in the world, it could lead you to this type of procedure like Paul had, and worse. humm

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