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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Beatles-Yellow Submarine complete movie!

update: Jan 1st The movie is now posted on this post, you can either click the link below or watch the movie here. How cool is this? a Full length movie posted on a blog? An internet ghost posted this here.. hehehehehe~

Dec 26 Sorry guys this movie was not complete it's the first half, so I tore it down. I dunno why they state it's complete? ha! I'm trying to find the actual movie.

Here is the complete movie click on this link Yellow SubMarine the movie or as stated above you can watch the movie here. I found this on Google. you can expand the screen to your taste also. a great movie. The video and animation are crystal clear a must watch!

Yellow Submarine By far one of the best animated movies ever for it's time, duration 1hr 25 mins. An animated movie released in 1968 featuring music of The Beatles at the height of the psychedelic era of the 60's.

Yellow Submarine was a box-office hit, drawing in crowds both for its lush, wildly creative images, and its soundtrack of Beatles songs. If you have never seen Yellow SubMarine, here is your chance, if you donot already own a copy. The original soundtrack album consisted of Beatles tracks and some orchestral pieces by George Martin on the second side:

Enjoy the Movie hb~ as I'm going back to watch it

Thanx Google! Happy New Year everyone!

it's best to clcik on the link above so you can watch the movie in its entirely without interruptions-hb~

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