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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Songs that you secretly Love!

Songs that you secretly Love!

Note: There is not one single Beatle song that I can recall, that I can't stand. fyi I'll let you know if I have one.

You know, there are some songs that I secretly love & some songs that I hated with a passion, as a kid. One such song I hated with a Capitol H. was "You'll never find" I still do not know why to this date why it was I actuality hated this song? but you know, I love it now!~ Lou Rawls had a sweet, smokey voice, now didn't he? see video below. this dates back to 1975

Song that I love below-Cher

Cher-The way of love

I'm guessing this video is from the Sony & Cher variety show mid 70's Such a romantic lovely lil song. Cher is striking isn't she? I vaguely remember this show. You might think it's sappy but I'm diggin it..

You should be dancing-Bee Gees

Remember Tony Manaro-John Travolta, and his dancing body? ha!
Who could forget this movie or this sound track? Saturday Night Fever one of the biggest movies & sound tracks of all time, it rocks!.
Featuring the Bee Gees,Tavares etc.. not one bad cut on the entire album. If you have never seen the movie or listened to this sound track, do it. John Travolta rawks this flick. Awww such an impression it left on me, as a kid, no I wasn't suppose to watch it, but I did.

to be con,,,,,,,,,
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