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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paul and Ringo on American Idol

Paul and Ringo on American Idol

So do you believe Paul McCartney or Ringo will be invited this year to American Idol?

Personally I think it would be a brillant idea. I wish Exec's & Simon Cowell would extend an invitation to the remaining living Beatle legends. Even if they were to refuse, at least Exec's will have given it a shot.

Idol seems to get bigger & better each season. I also think ratings would sore thru the roof!

American Idol is such a great avenue for youngsters who would not have such a chance in a cut throat industry in most cases.

I Love the auditions and the guts it takes to stand in front of Randy, Paula & Simon along with the millions of viewers that tune in every week. Shoot, Paul or Ringo could be a guest judge,
now that would rock! Do you think Paul & Ringo will ever appear on Americans version of idol or is this just wishful thinking of fans?

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