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Monday, January 14, 2008

What' are your thoughts for the New Year?

What' are your thoughts for the New Year?

~ We often think about the New Year, new beginings and what will it bring? What excitement awaits, what should we give up, a bad habit or some type of lifestyle change? what things that do not serve us any longer in our lives? We always ask ourselves these same questions, year after year.

I told myself, self, why make resolutions? people blow them within the first 3 weeks anyways? I had these things brewing in my head for the past few weeks and decided I'll share with you now what I have come up with. Here is my list of resolutions for 2008.

1. End the war in Iraq
2. mandate all states go "Green"
3. lower the gas prices by half-have you seen gas prices in the bay area lately? $3 plus, I know our friends in Europe pay more!
4. end world hunger
5. see Paul McCartney in concert-
6. quit smoking

prior vid tore down- no longet available

Diamond in the Back

FAT bank, FUN is always something to be had in our hard working lives. I have just about given up smoking!~ Damn it's hard!

We all should be thankful for what we got~ like the song says above. Ever been hungry, homeless, without a ride, fear of the unknown? Yep, it's a bitch. Perhaps giving more to those in need this year than making false resolutions to ourselves, would be a more realistic goal? just something to think about~

I wish you a Prosperous & Giving New Year.
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