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Monday, January 21, 2008

You go Hillary kick ass!

You go Hillary!!

Sorry kids, I hafta voice my opinions from time to time on this Presidential race, I'm so sick of this current administration. It's been nice not seeing Pres. Bush lying to the nation lately.

Nicely said Hillary, on the debates tonight. Yep, Universal Health Care immediately for everyone employers and workers pay to much for health care already, why? and who's pockets do they fill?
Sorry Obama, who I confuse with Osama, yikes, is full of shit on his stance on health care. What the hell does he mean health care not provided for everyone?

Yes! get the troops outta Iraq within your first 60 days as you stated in your debate. Let that country fight it's own damn battle. Hum and here Bush wants to give Americans $650 in tax credits or in pocket money? Bullshit, that would hardly make a dent in the pockets of us on the west coast. If you ask me that's a slap in the face. Damn, we can't even take care of the homeless not to mention the people who can barely pay their rent and bills that struggle.

However our tax dollars bein thrown away, and kids blown away, everyday under this administration.
Invest in the people and this country for once. Why doesn't Bush dump the Billions of dollars he has dumped in Iraq back into the economy & the hands of Americans?
oh yeah, I know, wishful thinking...
Jan 23
side note:
apparently there are some Hillary haters out there as one person tried to comment, I moderate all comments, Anyhwhooo I don't care who you are for in this upcoming election. or anything else posted on my blog, just keep it friendly and real and I'll post your comments.
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