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Friday, February 08, 2008

Drugs Politics and Musicians

Drugs Politics and Musicians

Damn I had just written this whole post and my computer closed all the damn windows, so I'm rewriting this now. I will try and make this post as simple as possible cutting to the chase.

I was just on Blog Catolog a few hours ago where a semi- heated debate about Barrack Obama & drug use were being talked about, ok, cool. Than I read the types of drugs he had used, and was like..... Say What? Alright, so he smoked a lil weed here & there, no big deal, so has President Bill Clinton: (but Bill didn't inhale!)

Apparently Barrack Obama used Marijuana & Cocaine in the past. WTF? Are you kidding me?

Not Guilty-The Beatles ded: Barrack Obama

What is wrong with this picture? Yes, I can see regular ol people and musicians using drugs, NOT a Presdiental hopeful, not someone trying to become the President of the US?
Sure The Beatles used drugs and so did many other musicians, it was widly acceptable in the 60's, right? Hey, alot of great talent have died as a result, but does anyone bat an eyelash? hell no. What makes Obama credible now? How can he write laws and implement them without being a hypocrite? this reaks of hypocricy.

Should he be exempt now, heres a
"Get out of Jail Free card" why? because Obama is running for President of the United states?
silent laugh, or does it depend on your station in life, to what'is acceptable?
No, c'mon he wears a suit, he's a Senator, does this make him believable? he talks huge game, yeah he's "not guilty"....... bullchips!

Look at all the damn people locked up behind drug use....dang! I suppose if they had big bank or running for office they'd be let off too or forgiven.
My question is this, how many times did Barrack use cocaine? was he ever in a hotel room with a prostitue under the influence? How many times did he buy cocaine? Is Obama aquainted with Marion Barry?
To each his own I say, but NOT when it comes to running for President of The United States. Everyday, people get slammed for using drugs and so should a public official, if not more.
He's not off the hook in my books...I don't care what he is trying to sell, I'm not buying it, what a joke.
One last thought, I did think of posting "Rehab" vid but,
comments anyone?
sheesh I believe Barrack Obama is a slick, lying, deviant, don't be fooled people~yep!
"Smilin faces show no traces
of the evil that lurks within
Can you digit!"
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