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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beatles Guru Mahareshi passes away this past week

Beatles Guru Mahareshi passes away this past week

In 1968 the Beatles and a hanful of friends took a spiritual trip to India. Here they met with the Mahareshi Mahash Yogi in their walk to spiritual enlightment. Paul & Ringo have both expressed their sadness over his death with statements:
says Paul
"I will never forget the dedication that he wrote inside a book he once gave me, which read 'radiate, bliss, consciousness', and that to me says it all. I will miss him but will always think of him with a smile."

Ringo adds, "One of the wise men I met in my life was the Maharishi. I always was impressed by his joy and I truly believe he knows where he is going."

Sext Sadie-The Beatles

Rumour has it Sexy Sadie describes John Lennon's total dissatisfaction with the Maharishi. While at his retreat, it has been said that the Maharishi attempted to bed Mia Farrow. Once The Beatles learned of this, they immediately went to the Maharishi, and Lennon announced they were all leaving.
The Maharishi asked why? Lennon said, "If you're so cosmic, you'll know why." Was this true or just a play of words, and double speak by John?
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