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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Paul McCartney double says he wants out!

Paul McCartney double says he wants out!

Billy Shears
William Shears Campbell, also know as Billy Shears, but better known as Sir Paul McCartney says he is sick and tired of impersonating the former Beatle and wants out.Shears, who replaced McCartney in 1966 after the real McCartney died in a car crash says the ruse has gone on long enough and that now he has rid himself of Heather Mills he wants to go back to being plain old Billy.

"When John Lennon called me up and asked me to be Paul I was honored" said the lookalike "I thought it would last a few months, until they announced the truth. Then Lennon died and then George died and Ringo, well Ringo never knew - they told him to keep his big nose out of things."The clues have been around for years. The 'Paul is Dead' backward recordings, the Sgt Peppers album cover and of course the crap McCartney/Shears produced after the Beatles split.
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