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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Clinton and Obama To Record 'Ebony And Ivory' For Charity

Clinton and Obama To Record 'Ebony And Ivory' For Charity

Democratic Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to temporarily down swords and record a rendition of Stevie Wonder's and Paul McCartney's classic hit 'Ebony and Ivory' to raise funds for injured US Troops."Who better than to sing this song of racial unity and hope?" said a badly disfigured soldier "I mean - I could be white I could be black - you can't tell anymore - so it means a lot to me."The song will be recorded later next week and it is predicted it will raise millions for the charity.

"It was Elton John's idea" said Hillary as she sipped a martini and combed the hair of an unidentified Asian girl- "I will sing the McCartney lyrics and Barack will sing Wonder's bits - Elton is going to play the piano. I mean it is for a good cause - it will raise an awful lot for our injured troops - once Elton's and my expenses have been deducted."Obama was also optimistic that a lot of money would be raised -

"I think it will show America that despite our objections to the war that Democrats do care about our troops - if we can get these guys fit again and back on the front line then I am sure they will be the first to thank us!"
The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

Now here is Paul & Stevie's rendition~lol
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