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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Renters are being cheated also, landlords the greedy Bastiffs!

Renters are being cheated also landlords the greedy Bastiffs!

^Are you a renter? I am .. This whole foreclosure crap across America is past ridiculous.. How are us renters expected to live? If you live in the Bay area as I do,.. you know what I'm talkin about..
Sure, I feel very badly for the poor souls who have lost their homes do to this mortgage meltdown.. but these people have more money than US renters and can bounce back on their feet....
and if you are one of those reading this who have lost your home, I feel you, I can barely afford rent!
If we renters had the monies to buy property don'cha think we would be buying?.....IF we could afford it!

Now, renters looking for a place to live get their rents jacked up do to greed from the landlords..why? cuz people are loosing their homes, landlords know this, and charge both arms and a leg .... what a mess and a vicious cycle! ( Greed is one of the seven deadly sins)

Here in The Bay Area rents in the Sunnyvale/San Jose are are a whopping $1300-$1600 plus for one to maybe, two bedrooms, if your lucky enough to find something.

Look at Craigslist- Landlords are gouging potential renters with what ever rents they want, like those posted above, it's bullchips. I have been attempting to find another place to live for over 2 months, the apt I currently live in is just too run-down for what I pay, than you have to figure if you have animals that narrows your search if someone doesn't want to rent to you becuz you have furry creatures? you donnot need to rent there.

Than there are utilities. eats and lets not forget GAS prices! (Forget entertainment) Gas is almost $5 a gallon here but our friends in Europe pay what, $9 a liter? Bullchips!
I tell you, the economy is in such a sad state for us working people, especially on the west coast, but you already know this. I hope for a turn-around soon for us that struggle day to day just to live, get to work and make ends meet, it's scary..

The good news is, I have played the California lottery and have hit 3 numbers 3 times in the last 6 weeks! I just need the other 3 numbers to hit the jackpot!! We can dream, right? lol

Feeling ripped off in rent? how much do you pay in rent and gas prices, where you live?
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