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Monday, June 23, 2008

Paul McCartney's webby gets hacked, WTF!!

Paul McCartney's webby gets hacked, WTF!!

great so the website is back up after 7 hours cool beans
Hey people, while attempting to visit Paul McCartney Official webby this evening I clicked on the inbound link to his site and get a strange web page -- included in this this is a derogatory message at the bottom. ."Fuck Europa King to Turkey" WTF? Now who in the world would want to hack Paul McCartney's website? How effin rude!

here is the link that should access Macca's site

At first I thought it was my blog that had been hacked but according to some very Techie savvy dudes from Blog Catalog they claim that Paul's site has been hacked, thru a "Linux" link... the links that lead to "message boards" or "chat with other fans" have this weird link attached.... meaning, you cannot access the website!~

now, doesn't this just piss you off? it does me, I hope anyone that is reading this who does have access,.. will contact Admin.... at Paul McCartney's website. and let them know of the hack I have no way of contacting admin.
So the hackers are coming from Turkey. Another blogger has contacted the websites hosting provider "Fast hosts" and have informed them of the hackers~

I'll be back later
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