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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Ringo! plus update

July 7th 08
Happy Birthday Ringo!!!!!! wooohoo I Love you we Love you!.. The Funny Beatle..Lets show Ringo some Love..
Also Ringo will be on Larry King Live tonight July7th check your local listings.
Peace & Love! Peace & Love...

pssst. you can also send in a question to Ringo at Larry Kings webby

July 7th once again Larry King gives a weak generic interview with Ringo,..bummer

Jully 8th
Just one more thing, what happened with the fans Q&A with Ringo? How many times did Larry King ask Ringo his age? what, 10 times? Ringo seemed to take the shotty interview in stride & with humour..
Lastly when they stated they had a "Surprise" for Ringo Yoko called? Now I was almost sure this would have been Paul himself, Wrongo! lmao did anyone else see the interview?

With a lil Help from my Friends was torn down that I had posted, after this crummy interview with Larry King with Ringo,... I thought this Vid would be most appropriate!!~ heheheheheh!
(side note: Larry's interview with Exxon Exc. was more appealing the other day than this sheesh!_)

The loveable Ringo Starr above!!!!
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