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Monday, July 21, 2008

Must see! Paul McCartney Wiggin out Birthday video for Quebec!

OK, since we could not post "Birthday" from last nights Quebec show, ( we are working on it) I thought I'd post Paul McCartney's official Birrrrthday message too Quebec from his own webby
The boys are having aa blast aren't they? I cracked up when I first saw this today!~Macca is "Wiggin Out" I was like, WT feezy?....Dang look at Abe pounding the skins!!! Paul is too cool for school~ heheheheh
I love these guys!~ I'd also like to add this entire page is dedicated to Quebec, Fans & Macca see other posts below
I'm tailights!! like the vid.. leave a comment! yes birthday is now posted from the gig see post below "A piccie is worth a 1000 words Quebec McCartney" gig

Birthday Specaail message from Paul and "My Band" hahahaha! Yes that's Paul under all that fro!!~

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