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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whats up for Paul McCartney now?

Whats up for Paul McCartney now?

So Quebec fans are most likely still, on a natural high from Macca's HUGE gig last Sunday. Today Paul is in Liverpool for graduation ceremonies at LIPA.

Man that was great in 2003 waiting for Paul & Heather to come out of the School to hopefully catch a glimpse of him, and Paul almost running over my foot!~ true story... I was waiting with the media than we all decided to run to the back should have stayed in the front, damn!. Seeing students with signed instruments, this one student was on cloud nine when Paul signed his guitar it was beautiful.. (wish that had been me!)..

I have never gotten Paul McCartney's autograph and yes I have been so close, don't you hate when that happenes?

Will Paul be giving anymore FREE gigs? Will he hit the US next, or Australia, or some other country? I sure hope it is NOT Israel! Don't do it Paul.. I guess we all just have to wait and see what Paul has up his sleeve? Stay tuned!!
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