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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paul McCartney talks about his rawkin weekend! Shea Stadium and Quebec

Paul McCartney talks about his Rawkin weekend! Shea Stadium and Quebec
below a snippet:
Paul McCartney appeared onstage at Shea Stadium on Friday 18th July as part of the ‘Last Play At Shea’ concert. In the same weekend he performed a free outdoor concert in Quebec City to over 270,000 people as part of Quebec’s 400th Anniversary celebrations.

“Man, we had such a great night. No one ever wants a great night to come to an end. It was great looking out into the audience and seeing them enjoying themselves as much as we were. Then there are all the special banners they make, I always try to have a read of those.
There was a sea of Union Jacks and the audience also had their own flashing lights with them, which looked incredible when the sun had gone down. I had a really great time with ‘toute la gang!’”

The following day Paul was all over the TV, radio and press (he was on the cover of all of the Canadian papers). Front page headlines included ‘Quebeckers Come Together Over Paul’, ‘One Knight Stand: Sir Paul Conquers Quebec’, ‘Paul-mania Sweeps Quebec’ and ‘Paul Makes History As He Conquers Quebec’.
The local press office estimated that over 2600 international articles had appeared overnight around the world including coverage on Time, CNN, BBC, Rolling Stone, Billboard, L’Express and Le Nouvelobs.

Final reports indicated that at least 270,000 people had squeezed into the park to watch Paul’s show. Is this just an average weekend for Paul McCartney?

“This was the mother of all weekends!” laughed Paul.
“It was incredible looking back to have a weekend with two such major events. Even looking back now it’s all a bit dreamlike. Just thinking about the rush to make it to Shea Stadium and just about getting there on time for the show and then performing such a big show in Quebec it doesn’t seem all real.
I had such a great time. Shea brought back some magical memories of the guys and when we were starting out. Quebec was just really special and unforgettable. It also gave me a good excuse to brush up on my French.”

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