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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Geez the rumour is back once again Paul McCartney to play Israel? Hell no!

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The rumour is back once again Paul McCartney to play Israel? hell no!

Geez, once again this cannot be true as I posted here on June 29 Macca to play in Israel see here
I see the Huffington post even has this news posted on their blog which is a great blog for info on almost anything.. well almost.
Why would Macca want to play in a country that is not safe? There is just too much unrest in the middle East, without some religious fanatic trying to make a political statement, with the biggest living legend playing in a Holy country. I'd rather have Paul and the band safe than sorry .. that just creeps me out. Once again Paul please don't do it, play in countries where you will be safe!thoughrs anyone?.........~more later

Tickets to Paul McCartney's Tel Aviv concert go on sale
from The Jerusalem Post

Looks like this gig is begining to materialize~
Tickets for Paul McCartney?s performance at Hayarkon Park on September 25th went on sale at midnight Tuesday night.
Tickets can be ordered either via
telephone a *8584 or on the Web site
According to the producers, the first 200 buyers will receive a special price of NIS 400 per ticket.

The regular price for the general admission tickets will be NIS 490. A special reserved seating VIP section next to the stage will cost NIS 1,500 per ticket.
According to the producers, the internet sales site can handle up to 1,000 hits per minute. But as of a few minutes past midnight, the site was inaccessible.
The hours that the telephone ordering number is open are Sunday-Thursday from 9 am to 10 pm, Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturday from noon until 10 pm.

I'm still not liking this at all for Paul and the band..

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