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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton cannot expect all her supporters to vote for Obama! plus updates

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Hillary Clinton cannot expect all her supporters to vote for Obama!

In just a few short minutes Senator Hillary Clinton will take the floor at the Democratic National Convention talking to US viewing audience as to why we should vote & support Barrack Obama, for President of the United States.
We know she will give an eloquent, powerful speech as she does that will un doubly "knock one outta the park!"~ She will attempt to convince her supporters old & young to stand by the Democrats, no matter what, and vote for someone you donot believe in however subliminal it will be..
I'm already NOT convinced and looking forward to what Lady Hillary has to say.. I cannot be swayed and I am not a disgruntled supporter,.. I have my own vision !

OK, heavy sigh I just have to say it, and alot of Hillary supporters know this.. or perhaps know this and not voicing their opinions because they feel they have NO voice, don't be scuured! We cannot be manipulated to support, Barrack Obama, if we do not believe in him? Would you support someone you did not believe in? Forget the Democratic party! You have a choice ..

Hillary, has received the short end of the stick in the primaries, from the DNC to the media's spin, a love affair, with a candidate that is- very good talk, but what action and subsance? I think this election has been biased towards the male gender and the good Ol boy network, what's new in this country?
Barrack would have been smart if he had chosen Hillary as his running mate but chose not too, Hillary has passion and cares for the people and issues of this country...Mr. Obama could have clinched this election!

Now, Obama wants Hillary's balls to the wall support, too fight for him to become the next President? I am NOT feeling that.. Barrack Obama wants Hillary to be his cheerleader..... but could not be her's in return?.. laughable.~

I believe that Hillary's supporters should stand firm and and "write her name in" as the President you want to lead as Commander & Cheif- when it comes to election time, and you go to vote at the polls..
18 million strong cannot be wrong, than who will be stunned? I'm just disgusted with the Democratic party and their puppeteering of Hillary C.~ Geez more later~
Is there any other Clinton fans that feel the same way as I do or will you support the Dems and Barrack Obama? I'd like to hear from supporters if you happen to land on this blog, thankyou~

Barack Obama is something else isn't he?

Listening to his speech at the Democratic convention tonight you see what an eloquent, powerful speaker he is .OK...m Obama is likeable.... I know all brothers have a gift for gab.. you know it's true, just like a fat man who loves to eat cake! He almost sounds like a preacher to me.
At times he made me laff during his speech........

All Americans want change - yeah, than why not give back to the middle class and those of us that make less than those in the middle- giving us a 3rd of our pay checks back so we will be able to pay rent, afford our bills and high gas prices .. Especially those of us in the west, To save, to afford the American dream. (if this is still possible?)

Taking care of the people of this country instead of providing support for everyone else in need..This is what I've had enough of Mr, Obama! This is when and only when, I will believe what Barrack Obama is promising America, not only in words.... but in deed... for change.
Making life in America an even playing field from those that have and have not..This is when America will be a great place to live again for all of us. what do you think?

HA! it was just announced John McCain just picked his Vice President running mate Alaska Gov...Sarah Palin (sp) a woman!~ let the games begin, wise move on McCain's part but will this prove to be a gamble?.. no way, no how am I conservative in any shape form or fashion and donot relate to woman of that calibur, too narrow minded. Will this VP nom.. perk the ears of the Clinton supporters still on the fence?.....
I'm out..
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