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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Must see Weezer on Pork & Beans

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Must see Weezer on Pork & beans

Now a lil something light hearted for you all- I didn't know how I could top my last post with Macca and the Paparazzi. Check this, now heck where have I been? I just ran into this freakin funny vid by:
Weezer Pork & Beans from the Red album not to be confused with the Beatles 1962-1968 Red album...
have you seen Pork & Beans yet?... if not watch it now.. Weezer and YouTube guests in vid, if your not followin me you know, em silly people that have balls to post vids of themselves..yeah those people. Recognize the dude freakin out about Brittany...very clever and freakin smart.. wonder what our friend Brian Ray thinks of it? I personally LOVE YouTube . Rawk on Boys love the hook! Great video!

Weezer - Pork And Beans
Uploaded by Weezer
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