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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did Paul McCartney just call her a Fatso? YEP! at the Paparazzi

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Did Paul McCartney just call her a Fatso? YEP!at the Paparazzi

I suppose Paul is back in London now it looks like St. John's Wood, right? I'm not sure when this vid was takin. Yes it is Paul's block I've been there dropped off a lil post card for Paul at his gate (seen at end of vid) I'm actually at a loss for words.. my initial reaction-see the video below. a definite must replay~ha!

Umm WTF? surely Macca must have been provoked while taking a walk with Nancy. Why didn't he tell the Paparazzi to fuck off or something? but calling the girl holding the video camera a fatso ? I almost laughed but thought it kinda mean...and she calls Paul pathetic?... oh man!!

Macca and Nancy taking a stroll in St. John's Wood

what do you think was Paul being provoked? Ok I just had to replay this thing a few times. After watching I cannot help to think it's funny would Paul call fans names I wonder? I'd cry if he called me fatttt!!!! Damn, I call one of my cats fatty, or fatso even tho he really isn't just a term of endearment.
On the other hand when this women tells her kids one day she met Paul McCartney once, she can say "yes, I met Paul McCartney he called me a FATSO! not once but three times" lol now that IS funny!
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