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Monday, September 01, 2008

Just some random thoughts over the last week Politics, Music and other crap Change is gonna come

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Just some random thoughts over the last week Poliics, Music and other crap Change is gonna come.
Hello vistors out there
Hello people, a lil shout out to the visitor from, Harvard, coolio thanx for the visit. I encourage all brainiacs to visit my blog, Book or Street wise, your all welcome. I see where my visitor's are " coming from "on the left hand side from my flag counter you can get one too at NeoWorx see banner below "neoWorx" you can click on this get one there if you like- makes your blog come to life..
On the Political front
Anyhow I hadn't posted anything over the weekend due to my constant thoughts over the week. The Hillary/Obama saga Hillary not chosen for the Democratic nomination, Obama's acceptance speech, actually brilliant. McCain's VP running mate, eek not a great choice in my opinion but hey what do I know I'm not a conservative, HA. I tell you this, she, Palin, has nothing on Hillary both sides have let experience fly through the window this is a great psychology dynamic.
A flip of the script Obama less experienced Harvard grad with vision and ideals with a VP who is all Washington insider... you know it. Than McCain maverick conservative Washington insider, who doesn't get it.( Obama on point with that) with VP choice with no experience. hummm?...

A script Shakespeare and Political Science majors would be proud of "Death in Politics as the world knew it."

Otis Redding-Change is gonna come

A must listen to Great soulful song by the Great Otis Redding enjoy the video!

McCartney in Israel?
Moving on, Paul McCartney playing in the Middle East, Israel, this coming September 25th
and me just not wanting him to be one of his HUGE fans,.....a big fat NO period! Why Israel? OK, I'm not hatin here people but why hasn't Paul played Australia instead, after he cancelled years ago? there is a larger fan base in Australia I'm most certain.. no free concert for Israel like recent Paul McCartney gigs you gotta pay.

Micahel Jackson is 50?
Than Michael Jackson turns 50 is there just somethin weird about that? Michael the lil boy that never grew up I don't see Michael as 50 but as a boy my God we're all getting older. I wonder if Macca will ever forget or forgive Michael for ripping him off for the Beatles catalog?

Words of wisdom
Like my mother used to say "The only thing constant is change"and we all have been wittiness's to all these changes this past week. A huge universal change is in the air which we
all can grow and benefit from.. A changing psychology of a nation..I'm intrigued?. A change is gonna come like Otis Redding once sang. Are you feeling it?
I'm taillights~hb
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