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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paul McCartney has landed in Israel like a thief! in the night

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Paul McCartney has landed in Israel like a thief in the night!

Gosh Paul you have alotta guts. According to Ynet news Paul McCartney is in Israel landing there like a thief in the night in the wee hours of the morning,.muhahahaha.
Diverting the Paparazzi, brilliant! Surrounded by security and a gang-load of police Paul than was escorted to his hotel. Paul to give press conference this Wednesday afternoon . Be safe Paul, you and the rest of the band be safe! more later.,

Finally some television news coverage about Israel gig.,
Macca in Israel see right--------

I just watched a snippet on ABC news about Macca in Israel,. Paul traveled to the West Bank today, where he visited a music school,. chatted with kids & teachers, even playing his guitar? wow! really? than off too a local church, Nativity in Bethlehem – the site of Christ’s birth.. Good for you Paul!

He even stopped to sign some autographs., said Paul: "what we need is Peace"

Sir Paul McCartney gets even more protection than George W Bush
~ plus my own lil take
The vast security for Sir Paul McCartney’s Tel Aviv concert tonight even dwarfs the protection given to President Bush when he visited Israel.
A 5,000-strong security team will ensure Macca, 66, is watched around the clock in the wake of death threats from Islamic fanatics.
(hb take: What the hell? right on! you protect Macca guys,.a 5000 strong security team,. freakin cool beans! I'm so happy and relieved to know this along with the other legions of fans and Paul's family, thank you!)

One security source said: “No one is taking anything for granted. (hb: I heard that!)

“The level of security is unlike anything we’ve seen. Everything is being done to ensure that this passes peacefully and without incident.”(hb take: damn straight!)

A massive security army guarding Macca includes 20 agents from Israel’s elite Mossad intelligence organisation as well as officers from Britain’s MI6. hb: I'm very impressed!

But the bulk will be made up of Israeli police officers who will throw a cordon around the Tel
Aviv park where 70,000 fans will watch the ex-Beatle.
The source said: “Only security and a handful of Macca’s entourage will be near him. Everything is tailored to ensure he is 100 per cent safe.” hb take: well they better be protecting their butts as I've mentioned in another post~sheesh,. Bryan, Wix, Rusty & Abe too. I'm so happy to read the news, oh boy, my eyes have water in em, big time,-smile..,

Paul McCartney concert in Israel touches a nerve
9:48pm Los Angles Times

Uriel Sinai / Getty Images
Paul McCartney signs autographs in Tel Aviv, a day before his first scheduled show in Israel. He is expected to perform before some 50,000 people.

Pro-Palestinian groups urge him to boycott Israel, which banned the Beatles in 1965. He will perform there for the first time Thursday night.
By Ashraf Khalil, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

September 25, 2008

There's a new Israeli government being formed amid great uncertainty and divisive haggling. On Monday night, a Palestinian plowed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring at least 13 people.

But Israel's popular Army Radio news station is spending much of its airtime playing the Beatles' greatest hits. Callers and local celebrities are being asked to reminisce about their favorite song by the Fab Four or Paul McCartney.

*McCartney arrived along with a reported 80 tons of speakers, instruments and stage equipment. His band and entourage occupy 21 suites at a luxury Tel Aviv hotel, and McCartney's grand-piano-equipped suite previously hosted former President Clinton and rock star Bono, according to local media reports.

Tickets for tonight's performance range from about $150 to nearly $1,500, the latter for VIP seats next to the stage in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park.

stay tuned!
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