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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fireman rushes in MacCartney to drop a new album follow the clues?!

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The Fireman rushes in Macca to drop a new album follow the clues ?!

Hum., Yesterday NME posted "Paul is firing EMI" so I didn't read the article,. Well Paul had done this already,. gave EMI the boot last year for lack of vision-boring,. said Paul, but upon careful sleuthing thru my deleted mail..I came upon the NME story with piccie of partly posted Fireman pic.,.(gosh I'm mean) lol seen here.

NME claims they donot know the orgin,meaning of the pic-some sort of album cover art.,.,it's gotta be a plant,.right? ha!
Anyhow,. I picked up a link from a thoughtful girly in the UK,. Now if you enter the Firemen webby you land on said piccie as posted on NME., and here right-nice huh!

and when you click on any links where does this land you? On Paul McCartney's official webby,.Imagine that! Hey,. what do you want?. me to provide the links and clues for you? Yeah, the walrus was Paul,.

I love cryptic messages .,.,those that know me well know that I write in this manner,. So the question is this, will Paul be dropping another album under the Fireman or will it be McCartney 111? When,. Where & Under what name? Linda's birthday?

Well on Meyesite you can listen to "check my machine" from McCartney 11.. Yeah,. checkin on the webby Paul.,I don't think it's there for the fun of it? perhaps these were just early clues- again, maybe? yes,. this has got to be it, Some of that other music sounds like that Rushes album too..I kill myself, lol

I love it when Paul is a clever man, tis like finding a treasure getting his fans all worked up &'s so effin exciting !! I like all em theories don't you with the exception Paul is dead theory.,It's the first day of Fall or Autumn my favorite time of year., I cannot wait for the new album!~what's it all about Alfie!!!

please go ahead post your thoughts
more later hb
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