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Monday, September 22, 2008

Say what Ted Nugent wants to protect Paul McCartney at Israel gig

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Say what Ted Nugent wants to protect Paul McCartney at Israel gig?

Now c'mon wasn't it just over a year ago when Ted said to Paul,. 'to get over himself' for being a veggie? hell yeah, he said that., Yo, Ted,. why pick on Paul he never did a damn thing to you now did he?., I don't believe in slaughtering animals either. I'll just stop there I like the Nuge but do not adopt his beliefs or style at all, he does how play some kicken music Anyhow this is what Ted said below .,. He does have some humour on his


Ted-Nugent offers security services to McCartney

Wildman rocker TED NUGENT has offered his services to SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY - as a bodyguard.Nugent has offered to head up the former Beatle's personal security detail when McCartney performs in Israel on Thursday 25 Sep08.

And, despite the fact the Cat Scratch Fever hit maker is an avid hunter and McCartney an animal rights activist, he urges the Brit to take his offer seriously after learning of death threats from Muslim extremists if the ex-Beatle plays the concert to mark Israel’s 60th birthday.Nugent tells WENN,

"Regardless that Paul and I have our obvious social, cultural, and culinary differences outside of music, I will not bend or waiver to voodoo religious whackjobs and neither should Paul."

The U.S. rocker and National Rifle Association official insists his training with military specialists and various law enforcement agencies make him the perfect security expert for rock stars like McCartney.He adds,

"It would be my pleasure to keep this legendary musical hero safe from terrorists and mad men, and then buy him a nice dinner of tofu. I’m Dirty Harry with a ponytail, and I’m at Paul’s service.”
Hb take: I actually think Ted Nugent would be an excellant choice to protect Paul,. but donot think Paul will take him up on his offer,.
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