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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When's the last time you heard this?

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When's the last time you heard this?

Ya know, I was gonna write about the recent Eleanor Rigby controversy, but I'll save this for tomorrow.
When is the last time you heard this by Paul McCartney? I bet never unless you are a die-hard Macca fan or heard it from Mary Hopkin. I'm in a melancholy McCartney moment, just chillin. and listening to music. I wanted to post Single Pigeon but cannot find a decent find vid. How is this for starters?

Good Bye- Paul McCartney

Trip huh? Paul wrote this for Mary Hopkin in 1969-a Beatles protege, I miss the 1900's personally 'Those were the day's my friends', lol sheesh, I remember that as a kid! Oh yeah, now I remember! type song. Paul's voice is brill as always with his accoustic guitar, tell me it's not!!
How can someone NOT love Paul McCartney, or any other fab four from the Beatles, for that fact?

to be con....hehehe
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