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Friday, November 14, 2008

Rare Beatles - White Album UK 1968 Mono LP Cover No.0000005

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Rare Beatles - White Album UK 1968 Mono LP Cover No.0000005

HA! it's funny how a few numbers on an album cover can fetch so much money. Than again, this just isn't any OL album,. but a rare Beatles 'White Album' #5! I have a few White LP's maybe one of them is numbered. But who in their right mind would buy such an album? Maybe me, if I had that kinda money. I'm sure hoping Paul McCartney will secretly buy this album for his daughter Beatrice. Not someone with 'Fat Pockets' looking for bragging rights, this is a great find with a rich history. It's also difficult to find such an album with all is parts and inserts intact.

The inside poster which comes with the album, I currently have hanging on my wall, right in front of me above my desk framed nicely, in a gold frame. Not all my albums came with these posters.

The Album

'The Beatles' (more commonly known as 'The White Album' ) was released exactly 40 years ago on 22nd November 1968.
Widely held to be one of the most influential albums of all-time, it was recently given the number one position in the '200 Rarest Records of All Time' by 'Record Collector' magazine.
The two-record set, housed in a plain white cover was designed by Richard Hamilton and each carried its own unique number stamped on the front cover.

Copies numbered 0000001 to 0000004 were originally given to the members of The Beatles themselves and as yet, none of these first four numbers have emerged onto the market.
(hb: well they shouldn't come onto the market, duh)

The History of No.0000005

check this story out! Some years ago, this album was taken into the collectors shop named 'Vinyl Revival Records' in Newbury, Berkshire, England by a musician (they did not disclose who) ( hb:who was it Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton?) who had visited John in the flat that he shared with Yoko in late 1968 (that was owned by Ringo) at 34 Montague Square, Marylebone, London W.1.
The musician saw a pile of White Albums on a table and asked for one. (hb: all the more rare if you ask me!)

John readily agreed, but said 'Don't take No.1 - I want that'. Instead he took No. 5'.

The album then passed into the hands of Beatles specialist dealer 'Good Humour' who then sold it to its current owner who has now commissioned me to sell it on his behalf. wanna check out this album for yourself for auction, with lovely piccies included?

At last check the album was at £2,050.00 close to $4000 whew!

This auction for mono No.0000005 is the lowest number to emerge to date and represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the lowest numbered mono copy which may ever be offered for sale.
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