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Sunday, December 28, 2008

C'mon Macca release Carnival of Light already-Pretty Please!

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C'mon Macca release 'Carnival of Light' already-Pretty Please!

I hope you had a nice X-mas Paul, as well as all you visitors who read this blog. Paul you have released that" freakin rockin album Electric Arguments", ( Cannot wait for my Deluxe version) what about Carnival of Light? forget sales, just release the dang thing already. You teased us last month with it's release.
We haven't heard a thing back, since you need permission from Yoko and Olivia. Have they gotten back witcha yet? I don't know why you need permission from anybody? I like most Beatles fans, would LOVE to get our hands on any NEW Beatles music. Please listen to what the fan says-Ok, a lil play with words there.-smile

Once again, I'm gonna post a video response to Carnival of Light-excellently done by DreamOpolis

Carnival of Light Opus 002

I really dig this. video response. Come Paul no more teasing release Carnival of Light Pretty Please . OK, so you warned us not to expect much from Carnival of Light, OK than duly noted.. Please release this Beatles, lil musical secret, we are waiting. .Come to think of it I wonder how many other secrets we fans do not know about? Miles of Smiles to you Paul!
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