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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and a Beatles re-mix mash-up!

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Merry Christmas and a Beatles re-mix mash-up!

Hello people, well my Christmas has been uneventful from surfing channels on the telly to surfing the net. My day consisted of feeding the kitties, some coffee, tea and Ego frozen waffles for dinner. (yeah, boning I know-wonder what Macca was having for dinner?)

I had a dang cold which has now turn into a coughing spell of a slight case of bronchitis..
currently I have Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons holiday special on ice in the back ground.which has now

I hope your day was filled with Merriment & good eats! anyhow I am a huge fan of Beatles mixes and mash-ups- I wish Paul would take a clue and release some Beatles Mash Ups of his own,... that creative genius-Called Sir Paul McCartney!

anyhow I think I have found a few mashups you might like, made by PataMixical Science

Beatles Mash Beatles Drive my car Mashup Say the word
first up Drive my Word- Mash up

next Mother- John Lennon Mash up Have you ever loved a woman- Eric Clpaton
have you ever loved your mother and Father?

Let me Roll it-Paul McCartney mash Yer blues- the Beatles
Let me Roll Yer Blues
Diggin this one! lol very nice.....

Baby You're A Rich Man - The Beatles mash-up. Where It's At - Beck
Baby You're Where It's At
this is Fresh- Macca should hear this one... this is one of my favxs so far!!~ LOVE this well done, diggin this one real funkyfide- this should be released I'd buy this.....PaxaSci should make a vid from this ditty, this is real good, a gem, nice beats...

I'd really like to hear a Mash up of ELO & The Beatles that would freakin I need some Beatles re-mixes!
Im still waiting for my electric arguments deluxe version can't wait for those versions.. it would be cool if Paul signed up-(thinkin to myself) wasn't 'Baby your a Rich man' & 'Where it's at' Mash-up freakin cool or what?- just GREAT?!!!

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