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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Paul McCartney and to all visitor's Christmas time is here again!!

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Merry Christmas Paul McCartney and to all visitors Christmas time is here again!!

Greetings!! A simple lil christmas message this year with a few video's included, I hope you enjoy them. We just love em Beatles...
I send warm Christmas wishes to Geoff Baker in the UK, Sam Leach in Liverpool, Sarah F. in Derbyshire, Liz in Switzerland, Swaying Daisy in Alabama, I miss you all!! Maccablog in France-hi guys..

Merry Christmas RINGO!

Nelly & Tony in Texas, call me! Nellie & Mike in Texas, The Band -Brian,Wix, Rusty & Abe
Macca's security-holla!

The Troops serving in The Middle East!~ Be safe MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas Google

To All The fans! who visit this blog From Mexico, Germany, The UK, Italy,Vienna, France, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Brasil, Netherlands,The United Sates. and those lil countries inbetween, I've never heard of-smile...(just to name a few).
I thank you, God Bless you Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah. eat, drink and be

So I ask's myself which vids am I gonna post this year for Christmas?. I found this lil jewel someone covering The Beatles, a re-mix, with excellent Beatles footage, have you ever seen this? it's very good. Well. see for yourself.

Someone covering the Beatles- Beatles Christmas remix

pretty cool... huh? I liked it....

simply having a wonderful Christmas time....
Now what in the world is wrong with this song? absolutely nothing, it's quaint and simple. I have no idea why people criticize Paul's Christmas ditty..


Simply having a wonderful Christmas time-Macca &; Wings

A compilation of the Christmas messages to fans from the Beatles
a 17 min video, nice to listen to and watch..The Happy Show did a superb job
would you agree?

From The Happy Show-The Beatles Christmas....

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