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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Take note this is the way to sell market and promote products freakin Adidas genius!

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Take note this is the way to sell, market and promote products, freakin Adidas genius!
note: re-edit watch these 4 vids if you haven't seen or heard them yet semi long post ha!

A couple weeks ago while on the computer is when I first heard a lil ditty on television that caught my ears and my eyes. I'm not the type to be influenced by telly commercials to buy products. But when I heard this and watched the commercial, I said to myself, now.. this is the way to sell a product!
what a rawkin, lil down commercial, the beats get you... hooked! Adidas is a marketing genius on this commercial- It's one of the best advertisements ever to hit television, This does make ya wanna run out, and buy adidas doesn't?..commercial below'll see what I'm talkin about..

adidas Originals House party-commercial

Featuring below:
David Beckam,Katy Perry, Estelle, Young Jeezy, the Ting Tings, DMC-Daryl McDaniels, Method Man, Redman, Afra, Ryukyudisko, Russell Simmons, Missy E...

When I heard and watched, I said,' this sounds vaguely familiar but what is it?' the beat sounds familiar as does the music and vocals... it kinda sounds like.......Franki Vali? nah, it couldn't be? ( more on Franki Vali later) After investigating on YouTube, I was right, trip! Mixing old school 60's vibe with urban street is freakin genius, along with an all star one party
(we'd all like to be at)- make this Adidas campaign, On hit, a marketing success!

But what about the re-mix's?

. Frankie Valli &The Four Seasons - Beggin' (Pilooski re-edit re-mix)

OK, so this is Pilooski's re-mix version for the Adidas commercial in it's entirety. Dang! does anyone remember this, (the song I mean!) I was like WTF?!!! I haven't heard this since I was a young kid way young, lol. I don't remember it being played much on the radio? After hearing this I said, damn Franki Vali and the Four Seasons, most people don't remember them except us who were born in the 60's or 70's I bet. Everyone under 30 will get hooked on the vibe and the Four Seasons will have a whole new cult following. What musical memories..Pilooski you did good man, the hook is insane, mad down beats- repeat!

well this following vid of Beggin is the re-edit of the Pilooski remix-I know, but it's a must watch video of creative genuis at work ... I had posted this strange video by Cyriak months ago.. you'll know what I'm talkin about just by the name,.... mentioned above...see Cyriak's take on Beggin brilliant!


A slightly different take as you can see. Paul McCartney needs to commision this guy for his vids! lol excellant vid, great work and editing...more below....

But what about the Originals Franki Valli and the Four Seasons?

The Original Beggin-Franki Valli &; The Four Seasons

Man Franki Valli and the Four Seaons had a cool sound didn't they? a Great lil band from the 60's with a R&B vibe... Such songs as Sherry to Big girls don't cry, My eyes adore you, Can't take my eyes off of you & Grease to name a few. I bet any of these 3 vids posted above will go viral. Now companies need to do this same 'promotional vibe' with McCartney and Beatles music, since they are soo heavily loved and fresh today, as in 1964.

Music industry, wanna sell records>please take note, wanna set the world on fire?.. Bring back the 60's 70's vibe across all genres new and old. Look at the craze and commotion the Adidas commercial has caused with mix of new and old advertising?.. people feel it, it makes you happy and stirs emotion. I tell you, this is what the music industry needs, artists please take note:

If you Love and Feel that old school 60's 70's vibe, bring it back, make the music, Records will sell, hard, dang, I have been saying this for years wishing this style and type of music would make it's return a few artists have already started, namely, Amy Whinehouse, however more should follow suit. Take it from a music lover I have an ear for music.. hehehehe..

I also wanted to create this post for others that have not heard or seen these vids around the world, to feel what I'm feelin and with correct promotion and advertising you can sell' almost anything'. This Adidas commercial strikes the spirit..deep with a smile..The best commercial to ever hit television....get your pencils and paper out.... Oh, and that reminds me to buy them shoes, it got me.. .....Job well done Adidas---Sheer Genuis!.
I'm tailights
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