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Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Grammy's The Super Oldie show & other Notes in Music!!

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The Grammys The Super Oldie Show & other Notes in Music!!
Sun 3:15pm
Hey people, tonight is the Grammys and you know I have been waiting on this one, Big Time.
more on the Grammys Below.

While waiting for the Grammy show tonight or just cruisin the net, why not listen to Tony Sandovals, Sunday Super Oldies show. Tony rolls out the oldies every Sunday, a must listen too, if I do say so myself...a great show Heart & Soul.

Oh Miss Etta James!~
ha! this last week I woke to K-Fog radio station in San Francisco, as I do every morning, and what did I hear? The Legendary Ms. Etta James going off on President Barack Obama & Beyonce! I laughed cuz Etta was hella pissed! At a recent concert in Seattle Wa. She said to her fans:

"You guys know your President right? You know the one with the big ears. Yeah, wait a minute, he ain't my President, he might be yours.

"But I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whipped. The great Beyonce! ... I can't stand Beyonce! She had no business up there singing ... singing my song that I've been singing forever."
hb: Yeah, Etta, I was thinking why in the world was Beyonce singing "At Last" at the Presidential Inauguration? this is your signature song!~ It was a slap in the face that you were not asked to sing-your own song yourself, damn! at The Pres. Inauguration-

I wondered if Etta was gonna say something about this, publicly?-well she did and she said it loud, can you blame her? Paul McCartney's own Brian Ray got his start with Etta James and played with Etta as Musical director and guitarist for over a decade. Personally, I believe Etta herself should have been asked to play her own song. I would be pissed too!

Super Oldies Love Jam
Yep, that's right, harleyblues, attended the Super Oldies Love Jam in San Jose, Friday Night with some friends on the floor in the 12th row. All performers had a 3 song set. A snippet of the gig below.

There were some highs & some lows.. Let's get the lows over with. I was slightly disappointed Sunny Ozuna didn't sing 'Put me in Jail', however it was nice to hear 'Smile now Cry later'. The Mary Jane girls, WTF? JoJo had alotta personality on stage but her back up singers were dreadful, no, make that, embarrassing. I didn't bother standing up & dancing for her set at all!

The Originals, did a brilliant rendition of Marvin Gayes, Distant Lover. Wow that was hot! Almost as if Marvin was there himself. Their harmonies were beautiful.. What really did it if for me was The Delfonics-wheeew, I sang every song, every lyric. I couldn't believe I was actually hearing the Delfonics the first time ever, live-a definite standing ovation just brilliant. A bit surprised they didn't sing 'Hey Love' I'm still thinking back on The Delfonics performance. Truly mesmerizing.

GQ's set was off the hook also, between the guitar playing and his set it was truly magic, mad skills there. Billy Paul- 'Me & Mrs. Jones''damn that was my moms fav tune when I was a kid.
he looks 80 but belted it out--serious. lol

Finally, Heatwave & Zapp rounded out the gig with brilliant-high energy performances that was both entertaining & funny, accompanied with old school dances, afros, booming music that shook the floor & great lyrics. The people on the floor were up and dancing from their seats and the ailes as the fragrant smell of 'smoke' drifted all thru-out those seated on the floor of the Shark Tank! lol The Zapp set & Heatwave set was reminiscent of Parliament Funk-a-delic- truly great performances to end a night of music memories from the past.

The Grammys...I wanna enjoy them this year..

OK, so it's 6:42 pm and I am holding my breathe like most Beatle fans around the world wondering, hoping-Paul McCartney will win a Grammy Tonight for "Amoebas Secret gig"

'Saw her Standing there' & 'That was me' I hope Macca isn't dissed once again as he has been in Grammy past. Speaking of being dissed I just read a great snippet back stage at the Grammys via the OC Register:
(I swear I'm not going to search any more on the Grammys I'm going to watch it Live as it happens) I anticipate this Grammys will be hugely watched this year due to the Performer line-up and dissatisfaction of music award shows to see if the Grammys can redeem themselves-we'll see.
The Orange County Register
Barry Koltnow
AND THE WALRUS WAS PAUL: Former Beatle Paul McCartney dropped by to say hello, and we said goodbye. Sorry, couldn't resist it.

The talkative and personable music icon chided a couple of journalists for looking down at their laptops in his presence.
Macca Back stage at the GRAMMY'S-right-foto Matt Sayles Assoc. Press

“You can read your laptops anytime, but I'm only here once,” he joked.

Paul, who was up for an award but also scheduled to perform, said he doesn't come to these events expecting to win anything. hb: Paul, you don't expect to win, I do tho, you deserve it.
read more here
What I'm looking forward too at the Grammys this year

Paul McCartney & Radioheads performance
Paul McCartney's Grammy wins
Adele~Ohh- hope she performs!
Lil Waynes-performance and how many dang Grammys-he actually wins?
Kanye West-to see if he acts a fool, live! lol
Katy Perry-I'm more interested in what she wears ha~
All Starr Tribute to Bo Diddley
Cold Play
& Estelle

"If Paul doesn't win a Grammy then it will be time-to Boycott them!"

No Grammy for Macca-AGAIN!
Ok, just found out Paul didn't win one freakin Grammy, WTF!?!
Geez, tomorrow am I gonna rant about the Grammy's. There was some great performances & some not so great, more of that tomorrow.
What was endearing tho, Cold Play to Paul-while accepting their Grammy for Song of the Year-Viva La Vida

"Sorry Paul, for the Recycled Sgt. Pepper outfits"

Paul McCartney got alotta love tonight... from artists. at The Grammys.. Right on...
Thanx to all who have visited today Love to you.....:)
I'm tailights~
Feb 9th
pssst. wonder what I'm gonna rant about? what a Grammy hang over-WTF were they thinking? stay tuned
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